We are Memento Creative, a marketing agency that specialises in branded merchandise.


Our goal is simple – We want to make you look amazing. We want to make sure the merchandise you order provides impact and positive brand connections with your target market. That your quality merchandise is delivered on time, to budget as per your specifications. That you are recognised within your organisation for a successful merchandise program that everyone loves.


Merchandise provides a tangible platform to leverage your brand, promotional and marketing strategies, accessible to all organisations.



When you engage with the team at Memento Creative we take the time to better understand your company, marketing goals and target market. Working together to tailor merchandise solutions that meet your needs.

After gaining insight into your organisation and goals we can take your brief and deliver branded merchandise solution through understanding your requirements implicitly. Memento Creative will then be your industry guide and advocate, navigating you through every decision and challenge to ensure you have an outstanding result every time.


Our understanding of you, your business and marketing objectives allows us to:

• Help you choose the right product for your brand, message and purpose

• Prepare the artwork and suggest suitable branding

• Streamline the process, project managing the production and delivery of your merchandise

• Deliver tailored quality product on time and to budget

• Create a fully serviced merchandise range, with your stock on hand ready to be drawn upon at your convenience, warehousing your branded merchandise if required

• Ensure you were completely satisfied with the merchandise delivered

• Make sure the program achieved the objectives that we identified together

• Assist with brand, marketing and promotional campaigns and strategies

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We want to be known as the best; and we are working hard to achieve that goal. Our ambition is to change the language marketers use when they refer to merchandise and promotional products; one day saying “What mementos are we using for this campaign, event or promotion?” We want to be at the forefront of the planning phase, integrating merchandise solutions into marketing, promotional and brand strategies.

We constantly innovate; reviewing product offerings, pricing structure and trading terms to nurture client relationships. We are selective with our suppliers and improve internal operating policies and procedures to establish a strong organisational culture. We take this approach so to perpetually improve and remain competitive. We understand that we are judged by our actions and results, and believe only continual improvement will deliver us to the realization of our lofty ambition.


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We Build Relationships

We work hard as a team.
We are dedicated and our actions are directed by our strong values.
We do what is right for the long term success of our client relationships and our company.
We build trust.


We care

We care about all stakeholders and we care about what we do; internally and externally. We nurture our staff, suppliers and clients. We want to make their life better for having contact with Memento Creative. We are efficient and our attention to detail ensures the solutions we recommend deliver the best possible outcome.


We are innovative

We are always looking for innovative ways to improve our business providing a better offering to our clients. We are different to our competitors as we focus on tailoring solutions to our clients’ needs. Memento is made up of strategic, business-minded thinkers who strive to understand our clients and their marketing objectives. We are different as individuals and it is the synergy of our experiences and skills that drive our success.


We strive for excellence

We are specialists and want to be known as the benchmark for the industry. This should be true of our company and the individuals in it. It is our challenge to make at least one small improvement every day – always.


We are professional

We hold ourselves to a higher standard than our competitors. We do not concern ourselves with the industry standard if it is below our own. We are focused and measured. Our actions and systems are beyond reproach.


Brad Picking

General Manager

As founder and owner, Brad oversees all aspects of the business. His mission is to develop a team that is recognised as the most respected in the industry. For Brad, it is not about Memento being the biggest or the most well-known, it’s about being the company that our clients want to refer their friends and colleagues to because they have such a great working relationship with Memento. They will feel comfortable that whomever they refer will enjoy the same confidence in the outcome as they themselves always do. It’s about being the company that suppliers in the industry want to work with because of the way Memento conducts its business.

Brad has literally spent half of his life working in the branded merchandise industry and has had a hand in the concept development, production and delivery of products for thousands of campaigns and promotions. Brad enjoys working with the team to help facilitate their growth within the industry and to impart some of his experiences and knowledge along the way.

Kate Johnson

Senior Account Manager

More than just empathise with your issues and challenges, Kate truly understands them as she has walked in your shoes. Before joining the Memento team, Kate forged her reputation as a talented marketer and event planner during her tenure at a number of multinational companies both in Australia and overseas. Having held roles in different countries, markets and industries, Kate has a wealth of experience to contribute to the planning and implementation of campaigns. Within Memento, Kate works with all the members of the Account Management team on the creative, planning and activation strategies for our clients.

Brittly Windhofer

Account Co-Ordinator

Brittly is one of the rare creatives who has her feet on the ground and can deliver even under extreme pressure. She has a unique blend of talents and experience that she brings to the team. From fashion design and marketing to IT, and a stint as a professional skier, she has been a success at anything she has turned her hand to. We are yet to find a challenge that she has not been able to conquer.



5 Prince Patrick Street
Richmond VIC 3121

Phone : 1300 559 020 / +61 3 9208 0999
Fax : 1300 735 677 / +61 3 9208 0900

email : info@mementocreative.com.au


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